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Non-classical Rotational Inertia and Shear Modulus of Solid Helium Download

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Simultaneous Investigation of Shear Modulus and Torsional Resonance of Polycrystalline Solid Helium-4 Download

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Search for Supersolid Helium by Using a Rigid Torsional Oscillator Download




Simultaneous Investigation of Shear Modulus and Torsional Resonance of Solid 4He
J. Shin, J. Choi, K. Shirahama and E. Kim
Physical Review B 93, 214512 (2016)

We investigate the origin of a resonant period drop of a torsional oscillator (TO) containing solid He4 by inspecting its relation to a change in elastic modulus. To understand this relationship directly, we measure both phenomena simultaneously using a TO with a pair of concentric piezoelectric transducers inserted in its annulus. We confirm experimentally that both anomalies are directly related. Although the temperature, He3 concentration, and frequency dependence are essentially the same, a marked discrepancy in the drive amplitude dependence is observed. We find that this discrepancy originates from the anisotropic response of polycrystalline solid He4 connected with low-angle grain boundaries by studying the shear modulus parallel to and perpendicular to the driving direction.



Multi-barrier Field-emission Behavior in PBTTT Thin Films at Low Temperatures
E. S. H. Kang and E. Kim
Scientific Reports 5, 8396 (2015)

We investigated the low-temperature transport mechanism for poly[2,5-bis(3-alkylthiophen 2-yl)thieno(3,2-b)thiophene] (PBTTT). The temperature-dependent transport behavior was studied by varying the drain–source electric field and gate bias. The results suggest that low-temperature charge transport is dominated by direct tunneling at low electric fields, while field emission is prevailing for high electric fields with high carrier densities. However, the obtained barrier heights are remarkably greater than expected in a conventional field emission. We propose a simplified model of field emission through quasi-one-dimensional path with multiple barriers which shows good agreement with the results more clearly. Field emission across the domain boundaries may assist in overcoming the transport barriers induced by the interchain disorder, which results in the weak temperature dependence of conductivities and nonlinear current–voltage relation at low temperatures.