Eunseong Kim, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, KAIST

Director of Center for Supersolid and Quantum Matter Research (CSQR)







Experimental low temperature physics
Phase transition in superfluid, supersolid, and superconductor
Quantum transport properties in nanowire, graphene, and polymer
Superconducting qubit / Quantum hybrid system






Associate Professor, Department of Physics, KAIST (2010-current)
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, KAIST (2006-2010)
Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Physics, Pennsylvania State University (2004-2006)
Ph.D in Physics, Pennsylvania State University, USA (2004)
B. S. in Physics, Pusan National University, Korea (2002)






KAISTian of the Year Award (2011)
Scientist of the Month Award (2011)
IUPAP C5 Young Scientist Award (2011)
Lee-Osheroff-Richardson Prize (2008)






Natural Science Building #2304, Department of Physics,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
373-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon,
Republic of Korea 305-701
- Phone: +82-42-350-2547 (office), +82-42-350-2510 (fax)
- E-mail:
- Group website:



We are currently seeking new higly-motivated post-doctoral researchers. Interested candidiates are welcome to send an e-mail to Prof. Eunseong Kim.



Seong Jang
Quantum transport in graphene


Junghyun Shin
Superconducting nanowires


Soohyun Noh
Quantum Information - Hybrid Quantum System


JaeKyung Choi
Quantum information - Hybrid Quantum System


Hyeok Hwang
Quantum information - Hybrid Quantum System
(website manager)



Dr. Duk Young Kim
Supersolid and solid helium-4
Ph.D student (2006-2010)
Currently at Los Alamos National Lab, USA.


Prof. Hyoungsoon Choi
Supersolid and solid helium-4
Post-doctoral researcher
Assistant professor at KAIST (Physics), Korea
Choi's ULT lab website:


Dr. Wonsuk Choi
Supersolid and solid helium-4
Ph.D student



Dr. Hyungoo Kang
Transport in conducting polymers
Ph.D student and postdoc
Currently at Linkoping University, Sweden.


Dr. Jaeho Shin
Supersolid and solid helium-4
Ph.D student
Currently at PSU (Moses Chan group), USA.





Dr. Oleksiy Zadorozhko
2D superfluidity and AC calorimetry
Postdoctoral researcher
Currently at OIST (Denis Konstantinov group), Japan.



Dr. Jungil Lee
Quantum transport in graphene nanoribbon
Ph.D student
Currently at KAIST (Sungjae Cho group), Korea.


Dr. Sun-Gyu Park
Superconductor-insulator phase transition
Ph.D student and postdoc
Currently at POSTECH (Jun Sung Kim group), Korea


Dr. Jaewon Choi
Supersolid and 2D superfluid
Ph.D student and postdoc
Currently at UZH and ETH-PSI, Switzerland.