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New Frontiers of Low Temperature Physics : August 19-22, 2011, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
The aim of this conference is to discuss new physics in condensed matter systems at low temperatures, to identify new research directions, and to discuss technical challenges and innovations. We wish to invite a broad community of international investigators to link between different research communities.

The interplay between theory and experiment has also been invaluable in understanding condensed matter at low temperatures. The inherent complexity of understanding the quantum behaviors at low temperatures makes the field intrinsically interdisciplinary, requiring a broad debate and an international collaboration to achieve reliable results. ULT2011 will follow the tradition of these earlier meetings; it will bring together theorists and experimentalists actively working in this exciting field, to discuss new ideas and recent results.

In ULT 2011 edition, we also wish to bring together a broad community of researchers to discuss the experimental challenges and innovations. ULT 2011 will offer the fascinating possibility to meet selected experts belonging to different physics areas, all relevant to the investigation of quantum effects at low temperatures.

We also believe that ULT 2011 will promote the research in the field of low temperature physics by putting together senior researchers with outstanding experience and promising young researchers eager to identify new research directions. Young researchers will benefit from communicating with highly qualified senior researchers. A significant number of grants will be assigned to accepted participants including graduate students from Southeast Asia and women scientists.