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New Frontiers of Low Temperature Physics : August 19-22, 2011, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
Daejeon the sixth-largest city in Korea, is a well-planned and modernized city. There are a number of museums and parks where you can relax and enjoy Korean culture, particularly in Yuseong area. Yuseong area is also famous for spas and hot-springs. Additional information on local attractions is available from the official website of Daejeon.
- The official website of Daejeon : http://www.daejeon.go.kr/english
Local Attraction Distance/Time
(from KAIST)
EXPO Science Park 15 min On foot
National Science Museum 10 min On foot
Currency Museum 20 min by taxi
Daejeon World Cup Stadium 10 min by taxi
Daejeon Museum of Art 10 min by taxi
Hanbat Arboretum 10 min by taxi
Yuseong Spa Area 10 min by taxi
Daejeon O-World (Zoo) 30 min by taxi
Nearby Cities - Buyeo/Gongju Area
There are a number of historically important sites near Daejeon.
Gongju-si and Buyeo-si 30min by car) are two of those that had been the capital cities of Baekje (A.D. 0-660), the ancient kingdom in Three-Kingdom period for 200 years (A.D. 475-660). Buyeo National Museum and Gongju National Museum have plenty of national treasures of Baekje Kingdom. Numerous temples and fortresses can also be found in Buyeo and Gongju. Jeongrimsa-temple site (Buyeo), Gungnamji lake (Buyeo), Tomb of King Muryeongwang (Gongju), and Gongsansung fortress (Gongju) are a few of the major tourist attractions.
- Gongju official website for tourism : http://tour.gongju.go.kr:8090/jsp/en/index.jsp
- Buyeo official website for tourism : http://www.buyeotour.net/eng/index/index.asp
Gyeongju, the World Heritage
Daejeon is located at the geographical center of South Korea, which allows tourists to access other major cities such as Seoul (60min by KTX train), Gyeongju (60min by KTX) and Busan (90min by KTX).
Gyeongju is rich with history that should attract foreign visitors. It had been the capital city of Shilla dynasty for 1 thousand years (B.C.57-A.D.935). Lots of historical sites, parks, temples, restaurants and hotels can be easily found throughout the city. To name a few, Gyeongju Historical Area, Bulguksa temple, Seokgulam temple are the World Heritages appointed by UNESCO.
- Gyeongju official website for tourism : http://guide.gyeongju.go.kr/deploy/eng/
- Seoul official website for tourism : http://www.visitseoul.net/en