Since first established in 2006, Center for Supersolid and Quantum Matter Research (CSQR) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science Technology (KAIST) have investigated new quantum phenomena appeared in various materials at milikelvin temperature. The main objective of our research group is focused on studying macroscopic quantum-mechanical phenomena in both natural and artificial systems. Currently, five ph.d. students have studied various subjects in experimental low-temperature physics such as supersolid, low-dimensional superfluid, polymer, graphene, superconducting nanowires and quantum information science.

Lab-tour article published in Physics & High Technology: download (written in Korean)

  SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 | Seong leave CSQR
  Seong Jang received ph.D this year and decided to join at
  SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 | Jaewon and Sunkyu leave CSQR
  Our two members - Dr. Jaewon Choi and Dr. Sunkyu Park leave CSQR for contuinuing their academic career as a postdoc. We wish all the best for their future endeavor!
  APRIL 26 , 2017 | Welcoming party for a new Ph.D student
  New member, Hyeok Hwang, joins CSQR. He just finished his bachelor degree in physics at KAIST this year and decided to study quantum information science at CSQR.
  JUNE 15, 2016 | Jaekyung Choi joins CSQR
  Jaekyung Choi, a ph.d. student at the department of physics, joins our group. His earlier background in physics and electrical engineering will significantly contribute on our study in quantum information science. Welcome, Jaekyung!
  JUNE 18, 2015 | New website for the research group
  A new website of Center for Supersolid and Quantum Matter Research (CSQR) has set up. The website will provide information about our research theme, news, group member, publication, and contact address. Further updates wil be followed soon.
  MARCH 15, 2015 | Farewell to Dr. Evan Kang

Evan S. H. Kang (Hyungoo Kang), who received a ph.d last year, decided to join at Heinz von Seggern group at Technische Universitat Darmstadt in Germany as a post-doctoral researcher. He will continue to study polymer physics. Long live and prosper, Evan!

  JANUARY 10, 2015 | New student joins our lab
  Soohyun Noh, a 1st-yr graduate student in the department of physics at KAIST, joins our lab. In particular, he has a same first name with Soohyun Kim, one of the most handsome movie star in Korea. Welcome, Soohyun!
  FEBRUARY 15, 2014 | Two graduate students become Ph.D.
  Congratulations! Sun-Gyu Park and Evan. S. H. Kang successfully finished their graduate studies and will received ph.d degree. Thesis titles are "Quantum phase transition of 2D Ta thin film tuned by B-field, disorder, and effect of DC bias" (Sun-Gyu Park), and "Low temperature transport in semiconducting polymer thin films" (Evan S. H. Kang).


We are currently seeking higly-motivated post-doctoral researchers and graduate students. Interested candidiates are welcome to send an e-mail to Prof. Eunseong Kim.


  Principal Investigator:

Professor Eunseong Kim (Dept. of Physics)
Phone: +82-42-350-2547

Mailing Address:

Natural Science Building Room #2304
Department of Physics, KAIST
373-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City
Republic of Korea 305-701